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Doug Billings

The Right Side with Doug Billings™ is one of the most promising new conservative political and social commentary programs in America and around the world. Recent ratings put his show at #7 in the United States and in the top 10 of news commentary shows in over a dozen countries. 

With his Rush-Limbaugh-like personality, powerful voice, high-level political sources of information, and his unique ability to see through fake news to arrive at the truth, Doug Billings has brought The Right Side to relevance in America. He continually points out and illustrates the intellectual immaturity of liberals.

He also attracts high-profile guests. General Michael Flynn has agreed to do a monthly interview series with Doug.  His list of guests is impressive: Sidney Powell, Chad Prather, Michael Johns (co-founder of The Tea Party Movement), Senator Marsha Blackburn, Simon Parkes, Charlie Ward, Mel K, Dr., Richard Bartlett, Jenny Beth Martin (founder of America’s Frontline Doctors), and numerous politicians and political pundits. 

But the show gives you more than mere news…When you watch and listen to The Right Side with Doug Billings™ you also get a dose of hope and inspiration. The author of “Your Wonderful Life; No Matter the Past, Life Always Holds Wonder, Joy, and Meaning,” Doug brings his Godly enthusiasm and optimism for America to every show.

Whether Doug is talking with you one-on-one or interviewing a guest, The Right Side with Doug Billings™ gives you facts, accurate predictions, and, along the way, it helps you to find wonder, joy, and meaning in this life… All within your reach if you come over to The Right Side with Doug Billings™!

It’s no wonder that this program is being noticed and labeled as one of the most influential up-and-coming conservative political and social commentary shows in America!

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Brad Barton

Brad Barton is a Christian Conservative speaker and influencer who possesses a longing desire to see our great nation, the USA, return to it’s foundational roots and principles. He has a deep concern for his children’s future and their posterity. He believes the only way back is through the truth of The Lord Jesus Christ and His principles along with the undoing of this crippling disease called “political correctness”!! Brad believes we must get back to the truth and proclaiming the truth without apology or reservation!

Brad was raised in a Christian home in northeast Louisiana where he was taught right from wrong, moral absolutes, and an undying love and uncompromising belief in God & Country! He is an ardent supporter of President Donald J. Trump. He is an unashamedly proud American and a ferocious defender of the 1st & 2nd Amendments!


All in all, in the face of the extremely vile and hateful anti-American culture we find ourselves facing on a daily basis now, Brad is committed to being a strong unapologetic voice for you and the ideals that have made America the greatest country

in the history of human civilization!

Brad is definitely a force to be reckoned with in the conservative movement.  His strong convictions and love

for the truth is the reason he's followed by tens of thousands of loyal supporters.


Lin Wood

L. Lin Wood has more than 43 years of experience as a trial lawyer focusing on civil litigation, representing individuals and corporations as plaintiffs or defendants in tort and business cases involving claims of significant damage. Mr. Wood also has extensive experience in First Amendment/defamation litigation and management of the media in high profile cases.

Lin Wood's firm is dedicated to aggressive representation, combined with delivering excellent work product and living up to a full commitment to the causes of its clients. The firm strives to achieve the legal ideal of fighting to obtain  justice for its clients who have been falsely accused, seek vindication for the American taxpayers, have suffered serious personal injuries or are embroiled in significant, complex business or estate litigation.

The Firm was initially founded in 1983 in Atlanta by L. Lin Wood to focus on medical malpractice cases for victims. Mr. Wood soon established a reputation in the State of Georgia and beyond as a trial lawyer who could win large verdicts and settlements. Mr. Wood’s first defamation client was Richard Jewell, the security guard falsely accused in the 1996 Centennial Olympic Park bombing in Atlanta.


Mr. Wood then went on to represent many other high profile individuals falsely accused by the media and in the Court of Public Opinion, including the parents of JonBenét Ramsey, John and the late Patsy Ramsey, and their son, Burke. Over the next two decades, Mr. Wood established his reputation as one of the nation’s most feared and respected defamation lawyers. In recent years, the Firm has also established itself as a national leader in the litigation of False Claims Act cases, obtaining record-setting recoveries in cases of Medicare fraud.

L. Lin Wood, P.C. focuses its practice on First Amendment and defamation litigation; media management in high profile matters; False Claims Act cases, or “whistleblower” actions; fiduciary, trust and estate litigation; complex business litigation; and cases of catastrophic personal injury.

Mr. Wood has dedicated his life to the conservative movement.  We are honored to have him participate in the Determined Patriotism Conference.  He is a personal friend of President Trump, Sidney Powell, General Michael Flynn and many others involved in the fight to Keep America Great.

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Ann Vandersteel

Ann Vandersteel, host of Steel Truth, is a thought leader and trail blazer in 'new media'.  In 2020 Ann partnered with Producer Liz to reformat SteelTruth into a top shelf primetime investigative and news analysis weeknight program competitive with the best mainstream media has to offer.  As a news magazine, SteelTruth, is focused on topics mostly ignored or mischaracterized by the mainstream media delivering hard hitting content with a topical segmented format covering news, money, health and more with experts bringing information you won't get anywhere else.

This format highlights Ann's reputation for being a fair investigative citizen journalist, who has A-list guests and sources committed to help exposing and sharing complex stories while also offering opinions and solutions.  'Steel Truth' attracts varied, high-profile guests like former Intelligence Community whistleblowers such as Bill Binney, former DOJ attorneys like Sidney Powell, General Flynn, political operatives like Corey Lewandowski, former DEA official Derek Maltz, Juanita Broaddrick, Dinesh D'Souza, Mark Young, Joseph Flynn, Congressional and Senatorial Candidates and more!

As the former President and co-host on YourVoice America, a popular conservative new media news and analysis show, Ann respects the responsibility of delivering accurate news and analysis with consistency.  Her tenacity and willingness to cover complex subjects like tax reform, geopolitics, the deep state and the ever-changing landscape of the Trump administration make her a dependable go-to voice for political issues.  Ann's talents as a Media Broadcaster/ Business Development/ Project Manager specializing in online media broadcasting, corporate communications, have made her one of the most

recognized names in the online media in the world.

Ann's professional background also includes spearheading advanced technology projects from start to finish. Her ability to track social media influencers and leverages intel to effectively analyze and report current events

has made her a powerful voice on social media


Mel K

At heart, Mel K is a lover of truth, justice, and freedom. A voracious reader with an insatiable appetite for uncovering and sharing the truth, Mel K is highly determined to educate the public on what’s really going on. Known for her common-sense approach to research rooted in proof and facts, this NYC resident frequently taps into her resources around the globe to uncover the truth.

Daughter of a patriotic career military father devoted to the Coast Guard and country, and a Mother dedicated to educating youth and advocating for mental health reform for over 30 years, Mel K grew into a proud conservative devoted to God, family, and America.

Mel K received her degrees from NYU in both Journalism and Film while working full time through college at MTV News, CNN, Good Morning America, and the Tribeca Film Center before landing her first post-graduate gig in New York

as New Business Coordinator at Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide.

Right after graduation in 1999, Mel K ventured to Hollywood to fulfill her film-making dreams. Quickly landing Hollywood jobs writing, producing, and acting on many award-winning films and television shows, Mel K continued her studies at UCLA Extention, Beverly Hills Playhouse, AFI and FIND, all while completing 6 feature-length screenplays.

During her 15 years in Hollywood Mel K came as close as one gets to the highest levels of the industry and crossed paths regularly with the evil empires of both Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein before getting out and returning to Manhattan in 2014.

These close encounters with darkness changed the trajectory of Mel K’s life forever, placing her on a new path of healing, researching, and uncovering the truth and facts beyond the matrix.  What Mel K has discovered since is that truth is indeed stranger than fiction, and what most of us have held to be true, is in fact, not.

Mel K, her team, other whistleblowers, proud patriots, warriors of truth and freedom, are here to bring the ‘truth to light’ through facts and logic. Her ultimate goal is to emancipate humanity from the tyrannical forces who’ve been running the show for far too long!


Patrick Byrne





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Maria Zack

Maria Zack is a patriot of the United States and is viewed as one of the foremost experts on the election fraud in America’s last presidential election.  She is also a business strategist, inventor, public speaker and serial entrepreneur. As CEO and founder, Ms. Zack has been successful in creating companies in various fields. She is most fond of her instant success launching a product company that landed her in USA Today twice in the first three weeks of creating the company.

Currently Ms. Zack is CEO and founder of the IT company; Help You Build and the founder of the consulting firm The Strollo Group. She and her team racked up successes ranging from securing capital and saving a company from six hostile takeover attempts, to fighting for lower taxes and pro-freedom initiatives while overhauling tort reform laws.

Ms. Zack enjoys serving on the Board of Directors of Nations In Action, an organization devoted to spreading freedom globally by investigating election fraud and identifying those involved. You can learn more about this work at her website: 

Maria and her husband, Steve, live on the beach in beautiful south Florida and remain active in their church and philanthropic causes.


Karen Kingston

Karen Kingston has over 20 years of experience driving blockbuster commercialization efforts for medical devices and prescription therapies. She has deep expertise in the ophthalmic, cardiovascular, pain management/neurological, mental health, and autoimmune disease markets. The strategic plans and campaigns she develops with her clients and teams have changed therapeutic treatment algorithms and produced exponential revenue growth. She has also served as a disease-state business analyst and is well-versed across the clinical, scientific, legal, and commercial aspects of the medical device

and pharmaceutical industries.

Ms. Kingston is an expert at quickly changing physicians’ perspectives and consumer opinions of medical therapies. The analysis she conducts combined with the content and strategic plans she develops has influenced how physicians manage various disease states, as well as changed consumer perspectives through high-impact, relevant and credible communications. Her clients have included Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic, Allergan, Lumenis, et al.

Ms. Kingston is active in her community and church. She has a passion for helping children and women. She was a volunteer art teacher and English teacher assistant in her son’s elementary school for 5 years. Ms. Kingston also led a ministry for professional women and for women who had a desire to rejoin the workforce after divorce. The ministry was a 12-course program entitled, “Love to Succeed,” primarily based on the teachings from the New Testament.

Ms. Kingston has a Bachelor’s of Business Administration from Pace University, NY.

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Darlene Swaffar

Darlene Swaffar is running for Congress in 2022 for District #22 to unseat “Impeaching” do-nothing Ted Deutch. I’m a Patriot whose goal is to protect our Constitution and help our President. I am a descendant of ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. One of our greatest Founding Fathers, my 9th Great Uncle, Benjamin Franklin would be appalled at the state of our government. This is not what they envisioned. Help me continue their Legacy. 

It’s time to return the ”People’s House” back to the American people. I will be focusing on enforcing the Principles and Laws of our Constitution and fighting to protect our Republic.  We The People will have a say and Control of our Government.

I am NOT a Politician. I’m an American just like you. I’m a business owner, a neighbor, a daughter and granddaughter. I’m a mother to a 10 yr old son. I’m thinking about the future of my son, your children and our Country. This is the primary driver of my motivation to Serve. Sending me to Congress will be like sending one of your own.

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Dug McGuirk

Dug McGuirk is an accomplished entrepreneur, musician, producer, inspirational Motivactional speaker and Freedom Hacker. Having run his own production company for 10 years, contributing sales of over 150 million records and multiple Grammy’s, a partner in an international hardware and software computer company, toured the United States as musician and a Senior Peak Performance Strategist / National Trainer/speaker for Tony Robbins, co-authored Multiple Streams of Inspiration with Jack Canfield (author of Chicken Soup for the Soul),Under Construction – Navigating the Detours on the Road to Recovery on BCI/Simon & Schuster and a Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and board certified in Neo Ericsonian Hypnosis. 


As Co-Founder of Revolutionary Growth, Dug and his wife Heidi are committed to supporting the Transformation of Lives. His greatest passion is to help human beings achieve their full potential and dreams. To support positive paradigm shifts in human consciousness. His training and experience have given him keen insights and skills to support his clients to “Feed their Passion and Starve their Fear” by allowing them to discover the miracle they always already are! His passion and enthusiasm are only exceeded by his genuine care and desire to honor your Journey… 

Feed your Passion!

Starve your fear!

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Bert Lynch

A singer, musician, actor, comedian. Songwriter and performer, Bert Lynch is a dynamic entertainer. He was also the lead singer for the United States Air Force Band.He’s been performing in Las Vegas since 1997 at New York New York, The Mirage, Paris, Flamingo, Hilton, Mandalay Bay, Luxor, Excalibur, Golden Nugget and countless other spots.


Bert’s showbiz background includes acting in three motion pictures, appearances on national television, HBO, cruise ships, nightclubs, and theatre.  Bert can be seen performing in Las Vegas with his popular six-piece band “The Bert Lynch Band” which highlights his original music, covers of other hits and his charisma and versatility. His repertoire ranges from pop to country to classic rock and oldies.


Bert may also be seen performing solo in his far-from-ordinary “One man show” where he sings and plays guitar to over 300 audio tracks. Bert’s stage set up includes multiple guitars, a variety of other instruments and a state-of-the-art sound system.

Bert’s performances often include costume changes and multiple props to make the show even more entertaining. You can be assured that Bert’s presentation and sound is second to none. An evening with Bert Lynch is always entertaining and an event that you’ll not soon forget!

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Darlene Chapman

Darlene is a native of Tennessee, raised in Chattanooga and makes her home in Nashville.  She is the daughter of a Baptist Minister. She is an Award Winning Gospel Singer, Motivational Speaker as well as a Dolly Parton Impersonator. She has been in full time ministry for over 20 years. She was also a Co-host of a TV show called A Christian Talk of the Town.  She was the owner of a cosmetics business and has also been a Makeup Artist for over 30 years. 


Because of some bad choices and decisions in her life, she experienced a painful past and because of that, she developed  a love and passion for Women’s Ministry.  She hosts Women’s Conferences and speaks at many Events, Seminars and Churches.  She loves sharing her testimony and the story of how God saved rescued her and placed a calling on her to help and encourage others.


Darlene is a Christian Conservative who loves God and her Country and is passionate about helping to spread the truth in this world of censorship and cover ups. She is committed to being a voice for the voiceless and is not afraid to take a bold stand and speak out. Darlene is a true Patriot who is an avid supporter of Donald J. Trump. She is committed to fighting the fight and standing up for our rights and freedoms and encouraging others to do the same.  We must take our Country back!!!

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Couy Griffin

Couy Griffin is a leader who started from very humble beginnings and has established himself as a major influencer in conservative politics today.  Growing up in a logging and sawmilling family Couy learned at a young age the difficulties of dealing with the Federal Government and the politically driven policies that affect the western way of life.  With a heart driven to stand up for what is good and against that which is evil Couy found himself called into the ministry. 


Pastoring a cowboy church in New Mexico Couy had a voice but he did not have a vote.  That hunger to be more involved led Couy into the world of politics where he is currently seated as an Otero County Commissioner in Alamogordo New Mexico.  Since beginning his tenure as a commissioner in 2018 Couy founded and led the group Cowboys for Trump.  Traveling across the US this group advocated for the importance of a secure border, protecting the 2nd Amendment, and ensuring that life is protected. 

All of which is guaranteed by standing behind and supporting President Donald J Trump.

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Michael Marrone


I am The Commander’s Artist.

This name was attributed to me for the meme work I was providing for the Trump campaign to get him elected.

Hello, my name is Michael Marrone a graphic illustrator and general artist. In 1980 I attended the Art Institute of Chicago after serving in the U.S. Air force right out of high school. Art has been my passion since 8 years old and is still today.

What is different about my method of graphic art is to bring ‘MEME ART’ into the 21st century as a legitimate art form like pop art was. I can use this form to take a snap-shot of history that is visual to digest as well as to look at and ponder the current event it’s trying to communicate. I have been working hard to bring Meme art to the next level of acceptance to the art community.

I’m currently working with those in financial need through fund raisers by donating my art pieces for auctions. My past campaign is with the Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn and his family. I’m looking forward to many more campaigns to help those in need.